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SuperFine is an ultra fine cement with a d95 of 10 microns and a d50 of 3 microns. It is the workhorse of the micro fine / ultra fine cement industry.


Uses for SuperFine cement include dam foundation grouting, pre and post excavation grouting, soil stabilization and water cutoff grouting. SuperFine's slag based formulation makes it especially suitable for grouting in aggressive soils. The SuperFine family of products offers materials that have high strength, excellent permeation and long term durability.


Product is stocked in both our East and West coast warehouses.


Material is packaged in 20 kg (44-lb) heat-sealed plastic bags, 50 bags per pallet. Super plasticizer is included at 1% by weight of cement, or 5-gallon can for every two pallets of SuperFine.

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